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the outdoor girl community

hi friends. my name is erika, and i'm the voice behind @alaskaoutdoorgirl on insta. my goal with alaska outdoor girl is to inspire women to come together with a love for the outdoors, to learn from each other, to share knowledge and wisdom, to gain experience and to develop significant life-long friendships.

my outdoor journey

growing up, my experience with the outdoors was incidental, which is where a lot of us start! My dad loved to fish, so I got started on a little neon-yellow spin-cast reel, and we would go down to a little fishing hole on the Kenai river, and my dad would flip for reds while my sisters and would fish for rainbow trout with eggs and a bobber. I developed a love for the outdoors, but my horizons only expanded from my dad's work schedule to as far as my mom was comfortable taking me, which usually included berry-picking, barbecues on the river, or an adventure drive. One time my mom heard there was a sow and three black bear cubs down by our local public river access, so we all piled into the minivan to go see them, haha.

fast forward 20 years (woah) and my love for the outdoors has only blossomed into an insatiable curiosity and wonder. I'm into everything! camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, foraging, photography, skiing... you name it, and exposure to our incredible outdoor community in alaska is honestly just making it worse, in the best possible way.

our outdoor girl community

so here we are, you're reading a little about my history, and I want to hear yours! join me on the journey. living, learning, growing and sharing. join the mailing list, tell me a little about you and your history, and lets see how far this outdoor girl community takes us.

who's up for an adventure?



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